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Gulf Mexico


Servicing the Mississippi River & US Gulf Coast

  • 30 Years of experience on all makes and models. On all COMMERCIAL  vessel types:Inland Line boats , Push boats , Harbor Tugs , Crew Boats , OSV , PSV , High Seas Bulkers , Tankers , Chemical Carriers, Container ships, ATB’s, MODUs, Oil Rigs
  • All Communication & Navigation equipment and brands.                                                                                                                                            —Between our PARTNERS , DISTRIBUTORS , & Re-SELLER NETWORKs  we have established the ability to support a wide array of brands.
  • Only AUTHORIZED AGENT to perform VDR APT for NSR VDRs in all of NORTH AMERICA
  • New construction , retrofits , engineering / design, repairs,     annual maintenance , preventive maintenance , certification , inspection / evaluation
  • Licensed and insured

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